IRS Steps Up Targeting of Conservative Groups

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You’re familiar with the scandal revolving around the IRS targeting 501c4 political action groups from last year, right? After all, we’re 206 days into it, with the Obama administration stonewalling at every twist and turn. And, as a refresher, still in his first term honeymoon, the President joked about auditing his enemies.

Well, not happy with simply stonewalling the Congress, Mr. Obama’s IRS is on the attack. Not only do many of the 501c4 organizations originally targeted by the IRS still not have their tax exempt status, not only is the IRS now targeting those who speak out against ObamaCare, the IRS is now proposing new “clarifying rules” for 501c4 groups that will essentially silence them, denying conservative groups their 1st Amendment right to free speech in politics.

That humming noise you hear is the founders spinning in their graves. Believe it or not, the 1st Amendment was drafted not to protect an individual’s right to wear a t-shirt that says “F**K YOU!” it was drafted to protect the right of individuals to criticize the government and to speak out on political issues.

The political class, primarily Democrats along their pet toads John McCain and Lindsay Graham, have made it their role in life to do everything possible to protect the political class at the expense of individual liberty. Including and especially in the area of political speech.

We’ve got two videos for you today, the first is Megyn Kelly interviewing Jay Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice about what the IRS is trying to do, the second is Charles Krauthammer hammering (pun intended) home the point that this rule and the process by which it’s being advanced is, to it’s very core, corrupt.

Here’s Megyn, and I apologize for the auto start and make sure and turn it off when the interview is over…

And here’s Charles…

The Independent Journal Review summed this mess up quite nicely.

The American people voted to elect a left-wing community organizer for president… twice… and who is going to drop a jaw if he turns every federal agency into a radical arm of his perpetual campaign to “fundamentally transform” America? This kind of controversy is not really surprising.

Now let’s see if the Republicans in the House and Senate are willing to actually DO something. To his credit, I believe Congressman Darrell Issa is trying. Let’s see if some of our blathering “leaders” in the Senate can get off their chairs and help him. Are you listening Senator McCain? Senator Graham? Senator McConnell? Anybody home? Hello??

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