A Moderating Choice

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In Tuesday’s WaPo:
“It’s the exit polls against the other polls.A new NBC News poll released Tuesday shows Hillary Clinton would start with a 10-point lead over Chris Christie in a hypothetical 2016 presidential race, 44 percent to 34 percent.

Meanwhile, Christie is being hailed by some as the GOP’s new savior after taking 60 percent of the vote in a blue state last week — including winning the Hispanic vote and the youth vote.

So which is more indicative of Christie’s chances?


The two polls would seem to offer very different answers to the questions at hand, but both the exit polls and the new NBC poll speak well of his chances against Clinton in a prospective 2016 matchup.”

The major benefit Christie has over other candidates is that he is from a “Blue” state and has proven he can not only win, but win big under politically adverse conditions. After all, his opponent, Barbara Buono, was a typical liberal Democrat, with name recognition among all the key groups, women, Hispanics, African-Americans, the young, etc, and was absolutely trounced.

Governor Christie is a person to speak his mind, to the point where, for others, should get him into trouble. But, he is something most politicians in both parties are not: honest to a fault, and apparently, the voters in New Jersey find this refreshing. It may just do him well with middle America, the South, and other traditionally less liberal groups in the country.

Other poll numbers have shown him to be far ahead of Governor Romney at this point during the last Presidential election cycle. Should his trending continue through 2014 and beyond, he should easily win the Republican nomination for 2016. He would then be the most formidable candidate to face Hillary Clinton.

Any other candidate the Republicans would put up would be easy pickings for Hillary, and we all know it. 2012 proved that a battle among no good choices and sending out a bloodied, damaged victor, was the worst possible actions the Republicans could have done. And Mitt Romney never really recovered. In fact, he was still campaigning for the conservative vote the last week before Election Day, and they stayed home in droves.

And look who we were stuck with? Nice going, gang. Lesson learned here is a moderate Republican is better than this prize.

If the Republican Party wants to commit political suicide again and not back a two-time winner, Hillary will be the third term of this mess. Trust me, a moderate-leaning Chris Christie is a whole lot better than an Obama-Clinton III. And then, there will be no return to the sanity of traditional American values.

Then, we can all cite the new mantra, “after all, what difference, at this point, does it make?” We will have only ourselves, once again, to blame.

So, let me be one of the first to say, “Chris Christie 2016 – The Choice of Moderation.”


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