Ahh, October!

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Today on Long Island, it is 55 degrees, sunny, blue skies and breezy. Yes, friends, fall is here. We have been teased since Labor Day with temps in the high 60s to low 80s, as summer made its exit longer than it should have. But, the weather has finally caught up with the calendar.

So, this is the third weekend of October and something special will be happening on Sunday: the Jets will be playing the Patriots. And rivalries will abound.

But, before we get ready for trash talking, Jet Fans, remember who is in first and who is two games back. Even with a win, all the Jets can hope for is a split for the season and still be one game out of first.

Just remember what happened last weekend. The 0-5 Steelers came into our yard and mopped up the field with us. Yes, I know, Rothlisberger is not the guy he was 10 years ago, but all he had to be was “good enough”. And he was.

And don’t forget what happened in Foxboro last week, either. The Jets’ nemesis, the honorable Tom Brady, showed why he is still the premier QB  in the AFC. With 1:13 to go and deep in his zone, he marched his guys down the field, knowing a field goal would not get it done. So with 5 seconds left, plenty of time for him, he connected for a touchdown to snatch yet another victory from the jaws of defeat.

As for the green towels the Jets will be handing out? Don’t be so quick to start waving them in the air, as if by doing so, the engines will be spinning. Soon enough, they could easily be used as crying towels to dry away the tears from yet another loss to the best team, year over year, in the entire AFC since the era of Belichik began.

Speaking of coaches, perhaps our team’s blowhard should keep his trap shut, because all that comes out of it is a bunch of hot air. Five seasons ago, this was a great thing that the coach could rally his soldiers to play beyond expectation, and even four seasons ago, it seemed good enough. But since the AFC championship game where Sanchez forgot there was still 20 minutes to play, it’s been nothing but hot, smelly, yes, even rancid air spewing out of him.

I was chatting with a Twitter follower from Boston who is concerned the Patriots may not be up to speed because of injuries to the first team players. As a football fan, I understand the concern of many Patriots fans who feel their team may have a tough time this weekend. But, as the expression goes, “any given Sunday” it’s anybody’s game.

So no trash talk from this Jets fan, win or lose. If we win, take it with grace and respect for the other guys. If we lose, well, was it really unexpected? After all, they have Brady and we have, who again?

And if nothing else, enjoy this beautiful fall weekend. It just might be the bright spot of our week.

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