CO2ube Filters: Democratizing Carbon Emissions from Your Tailpipe



CO2ube : The World’s First Carbon Dioxide Filtration System is a kickstarter project by green-technologies company Ecoviate who put together what they’re calling their dram team – Param Jaggi and Jonny Cohen who were both named to the 2012 & 2013 Forbes ’30 under 30: Energy’ list.

From the projects Kickstarter page:

What is the CO2ube?


The CO2ube (pronounced: C-O-Tube) is a device that fits directly on the exhaust of any motor vehicle. The device uses photosynthesis and simple chemical reactions to diminish carbon dioxide from the source itself.

The idea started when the founder of Ecoviate, Param Jaggi (now 18), was 13. After doing a few years of lab work with bio-fuels and bio-reactors, he thought that carbon should be captured at its source.

How does it work?

The CO2ube uses basic biology and chemical processes to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the exhaust.

There is ~14 pounds of carbon dioxide for every gallon of fuel burnt. This means that we had to build a product that would expand the surface area of the exhaust stream to accomodate the high volume of vehicle emissions. Our designs expand the surface area of the exhaust stream by 5000x through the use of staggered  micro-villi structures (patent pending).

Even with this tedious rendering process, Ecoviate strives to make the CO2ube as beautifully designed and user-friendly as possible.

Here is what happens inside of the device (staggered plates to expand the surface area of the exhaust stream):

We have created a proprietary method to grow algae within the exhaust stream through a process of artificial selection in the lab. We have grown multiple generations of algae colonies to find the most suitable strain for the heat and pressure of the exhaust system (artificial selection).

The general process is described by this equation:

We are using the process of photosynthesis and applying it to where carbon dioxide is being released.

Since the process of algae photosynthesis is not fast enough to accomodate for the free flowing exhaust emissions, we have implemented a secondary reactant into the device.

The product of combustion, in its purest form, are carbon dioxide and water (and heat). With enough surface area (or coolant), there are concentrations of carbonic acid that flow through the exhaust stream. Carbonic acid is a weak acid, and filters through the exhaust stream in aqueous form.

In chemistry, you can react a weak acid with a strong base to create a neutral pH product. The CO2ube reacts the carbonic acid with sodium hydroxide (very strong base pH) to create a neutral chemical.

By performing a simple chemical reaction, we are able to create sodium carbonate. This is a sodium salt of carbonic acid and is completely disposable because of its neutral pH. Think back to chemistry class!

The difference between the CO2ube and more typical carbon capture technologies is that we are able to use the exhaust flow to dispose of the products rather than having sodium carbonate and algae residue build up in your exhaust stream.

We implemented the acid/base reduction and artificial selection of the algae to reduce the amount of carbon that is released back into the environment after the algae has either outgrown the container or has disposed. If traditional carbon capture methods are used, the algae will release its stored carbon back into the environment. The CO2ube works around that by finding the most optimal strains of algae, implementing a secondary reaction, and being completely disposable to continue to allow for algae growth.

In general, the reaction is able to produce water, sodium carbonate, oxygen, and sugars for the algae to grow.

Due to the consumable aspect of the project and the engineering behind the designs, the CO2ube filter will last about 8-10 weeks. In the packaging, we will explain the process of easily detaching the CO2ube and how you can return or re-use the products in your daily life! At Ecoviate, we believe our products can have use outside of their intended settings- recycling is just another part of life!

That sound you’re hearing is millions of liberal Environmentalists heads exploding in unison as a simple fix, at the source, for a few hundred bucks a year doesn’t play into their Climate-Change-Global-Warming-Junk-Science-Ponzi-Scheme… that’s more about control than saving or protecting the environment.